Longing for places I have yet been

I fall upon the spaces in your heart

Yearning for our bliss

No eyes can befall upon such beauty

However far the distance of time places between us

My need of you shall never fade

My soul will never cease

Until it has solaced upon your breasts

I weep of nothing

For in the chaos

I only know you

And whatever darkness may lurk in my shadows

It is in these storms

Where I seek your mercy



In the deepest valley of my darkest night

I found you

You were not my first love

But you are my deepest

Yes you were searching for me

As I were you

A love I have known

Before we ever met

There are no boundaries where we exist

Us both

In freedom

No safety nets

No walls

Our moat

Now dry

Now shallow

In honor

In respect

In compassion

Belies forgiveness


as is the boundlessness

Of this love



The silence of what we speak

Rests upon the peace within our hearts

Comforted by the tenderness of your love

What was sought had already been found

In the places where we fear to tread

That which you are to me

Here in secret spaces

Faith the hope in the unseen

Two already spoken for


The Tender Tempest’s

As love

So unfettered

At this place of never endings

My beloved


Since the beginning of our time



Neither had they heard nor had they seen

Mightier men had conquered where they had’nt even been

Weak enough are those who inherit this Earth

Lest we forget the lesser have also much more worth

To wars to death to those lost also to the sea

Having given what future they had been gifted

For for you and for me

Leaders fabled in history their shame melodically erased

Honour given

Epitaphs written

Banners strategically placed

How all in disdain have forsaken their kin

Our rags to their riches

Their devil

Our sin



You had succumbed to the spectrum of opinion

That which had fallen from you laid you bare

They are all trying to figure out the thing you already fear

It was as if they had all smelt Jesus upon your soul

A projection of expectation penetrating the underbelly of your mind

Seduced to what can be

What you can do for you was really what you could do for them all

Paradigms the eye could barely see

When they are disappointed they will never forget

Neither will they forgive

Never here to be alone

A Solider of their fortune

Called always back to those

Where the battles have not ended

Any old revolution just won’t do

You were really just a servant for them

And not as thought

Just for you



Existing beyond the mental

Conditioned in normative discontent

Running from the spaces where I choose to exist

Freedom sold

Freedom went

My mental laid flat


Trying to feel safe in unsafe places

No place where have I hidden

Were places I could hide

A prisoner of self

Hand you down their shame

A slave to their normalcy

A body with no name

An outcast so spent

A downward ascent

The delusional unnamed

The cerebrally untamed

A mark A blot

Upon their tent



Wayne Anthony Ramsay

Wayne Anthony Ramsay

Spiritual Poetry, Healing Poetry, Writer, A Curious Fool…Jamaican…Indian…British, a child of the old empire…seeking nothingness